Government Needs to Address Rising Sea Levels

For my final project I took a news article that I wrote for the blue and grey press and made it into a word cloud. Sea level rise and climate change are very important to me and throughout a climate change class I was taking this past semester I relized just how important it really is. A lot of people know that climate change is real but do not know the full extent of it and how much worse it has gotten over the past few decades. The story that I wrote in the newspaper was published online and in an actual newspaper. The online version is so much better becasue hyperlinks were able to be created so people who read the story can see where I got all of my facts from and can read more about it. This shows that the internet can be more useful in showing more information than a simple handout or paper can be. I decided to make a word cloud in the shape of the continents because climate change is a world wide problem and its not going away until people start to make everyday changes to fix it. I made the most important words the biggest so they stand out the most. This includes words such as “Sea levels, people, change and global”. Sea levels is important because they are on the rise and coastal cities are starting to see the affects of it. People is a really important word becasue people are the only ones that are able to fix this problem of climate change and rising sea levels. Global is important because climate change is happening on a global scale and everyone is responsible for trying to help fix it. This word cloud is an interesting and informative way to showcase my ideas on the internet. Climate change is not happeing on the web but the web is a good tool to be able to share how it can be fixed. Climate change scientists are posting to it all the time about everyday things that people can do to help change it.